• Plumbing

  • Hurricane/Tornado/windstorm

  • Flood

  • Fire

  • Roof Leak

  • Mold

  • Sinkhole

  • Denied/Supplemental claims




In the event that a hurricane affects your area, the first plan of action is to identify the damages and take photographs of the property. The photographs you take following the hurricane will go a long way in obtaining a fair settlement for your claim. If possible, make an attempt to compile multiple pictures of the property before the hurricane strikes, to be provided to the insurance company. It is advised to make the emergency repairs needed to prevent further damage to the property. Keep any receipts for emergency repairs and items that might qualify under additional living expenses; for example, water, ice, and rental charges for another location if your home is uninhabitable. When a home is uninhabitable due to hurricane damage covered by the insurance policy, most insurers will reimburse for the reasonable expenses incurred over and above your normal living costs. Create a list of all of your damaged personal property and include a description, age, original cost, place of purchase, and estimated replacement cost.


Call Adjusting Experts in the event of a Hurricane.

Plumbing leaks are the most commonly reported claims, as well as, the most disregarded claims by property owners. There are various types of plumbing leaks. For example, shower pan leaks, leaks under the kitchen sink and in the bathroom or in the floor of your home. Many plumbing leaks happen abruptly and the damage is clear. Some plumbing leaks take longer to manifest and show clear signs of moisture and/or damage. The most important thing is shut off the water supply and ensure you prevent further damage to the best of your ability. Immediately afterwards, contact a representative. It is advised to dry the moist areas yourself or contact an emergency service company to help prevent mold from developing and spreading. Special care is needed in the remediation process to insure mold has/will not spread throughout the property.


Call Adjusting Experts if you have any Plumbing leaks.

Here in Florida, flooding can cause some of the most significant damage a property owner will ever experience. Property owners often underestimate the damage low flood waters can cause. Do not make the mistake of thinking that when the water recedes, no damage has occurred. Whether you can see the water damage or not, it is likely that your floors, walls, and contents have absorbed the flood waters. This absorption of water can easily lead to harmful mold and mildew. It is extremely important to dry out the property to decrease the chance of mold development. Contacting an emergency dry out company is the advised route to take.


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As a property owner, you should take all the necessary precautions to secure your home from fire damage. Make certain that there is a fire extinguisher within the vicinity of your kitchen and a smoke detector with working batteries. Develop a simple and effective plan for exiting the property in the event a fire occurs. Homeowners often believe a fire has to engulf their entire property in order to file an insurance claim. Even a small kitchen fire causes significant smoke damage throughout the home. After the fire has occurred, it is not in the homeowners best interest to get involved in the clean up. It is advised to contact an emergency service company that specializes in handling fires. There is a lot of risk in cleaning or manipulating contents within the home without proper equipment and experience. The cause of the fire could have been something minor, but the effects of the fire are almost never minor. Get a professional that can ensure you will be taken care of during this devastating and stressful time.


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Roof leak:

Here in Florida, roof leaks are a more than a common occurrence. With weeks upon weeks of rain at certain times throughout the year, homeowners need to know what to do in the event of a roof leak. It is important for the homeowner to secure the home from any further water intrusion once they have noticed the leak. Homeowners should have their roof inspected annually to uphold its condition and avoid larger expenses in the future.


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Mold develops in high levels of moisture, usually caused by leaks or flooding. Mold contamination can destroy building products, finishes, furnishings, personal belongings, and cause mild to serious health consequences for those exposed. With the introduction of mass-produced building products, tract home construction techniques, residential and commercial buildings have become more susceptible to developing mold contamination in any moist breeding ground. Mold is something to be taken very seriously and should be addressed as soon as possible. Contact a professional to guide you through this serious and intricate process.


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Supplemental claim:

Often times homeowners who file an insurance claim find themselves unhappy with the compensation received. Usually, it's a result of other firms not having a strong team of experts. At Adjusting Experts, we are prepared to use all resources available to obtain exactly what is deserved. Obtaining the maximum compensation possible that will truly bring your property back to its pre-loss condition is our objective with every claim. If you are unhappy with the settlement of a claim, and the loss occurred within the last 5 years, give us a call. Even if you felt the compensation was fair, that might now be the case. We will analyze and inspect every aspect of the loss and ensure you receive maximum compensation for your loss.