In the event that a hurricane affects your area, the first plan of action is to identify the damages and take photographs of the property. The photographs you take following the hurricane will go a long way in obtaining a fair settlement for your claim. If possible, make an attempt to compile multiple pictures of the property before the hurricane strikes, to be provided to the insurance company. It is advised to make the emergency repairs needed to prevent further damage to the property. Keep any receipts for emergency repairs and items that might qualify under additional living expenses; for example, water, ice, and rental charges for another location if your home is uninhabitable. When a home is uninhabitable due to hurricane damage covered by the insurance policy, most insurers will reimburse for the reasonable expenses incurred over and above your normal living costs. Create a list of all of your damaged personal property and include a description, age, original cost, place of purchase, and estimated replacement cost.

Call Adjusting Experts in the event of a Hurricane (Storm).